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IMAGEFLEX Polypropylene Tape Inks (PPT series)

Specially formulated ink system for treated(BOPP) polypropylene tapes that can also be used on a wide variety of treated acrylic's, polyesters, flat back, and paper tapes. In most cases you will also be able to reverse print these inks on the adhesive side as well.

Many of our customers found ease of use, product consistency, and increased ink mileage as the key features of our ink. These are some of the reasons many tape manufacturers recommend our inks for their tapes..

Some comments from our customers...

"Ran like a champ"

"Best ink I ever tried....and the easiest to work with"

"I thought my press was running at full capacity...boy was I wrong"

"Substantial savings versus some of your competitors"

"Even though it costs more than your cheapest competitor, the savings achieved by not having to fix or adjust the inks has already paid for itself... by increasing production time substantially"

"I can rely on your ink being the same every time, which allows my printers more time to print"

"Of all products we tested, yours showed the best rub and scratch resistance"

"Once I stopped listening to the recommendations of others...and tried your inks...it was easy"

"I used to get my ink with my tape shipments, but found I can carry much less tape and ink inventory now. By freeing up my cash-flow I was able to turn it into more profit"

These are the best reasons to trial our inks. Then watch your savings add up!!!




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